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    International Participants

    come from a wide range of backgrounds and nationalities, joining with Peace Boat US programs or Peace Boat volunteer and staff positions, helping to create a vibrant international component to the Japanese community onboard.

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    Onboard Programs

    Guest educators Lalita Ramdas (former Chairwoman of Greenpeace International) and Ramu Ramdas, former Admiral of India’s Navy now peace advocate, hold an informal conversation session with participants onboard the Peace Boat as they travel between Singapore and India.

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    Peace Boat US organizes experiential education programs for participants from the US and around the world and advocacy campaigns on a wide range of critical issues in partnership with the Japan-based international NGO Peace Boat.

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    International Students

    A group of high school students from New York City as part of a three-week global citizenship program organized by partner-NGO Global Kids.

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    Port Programs

    Participants listening to former inmates of Pollsmoor Prison in Capetown, South Africa, discuss aparthied, history, poverty and conflict resolution programs they joined while inside prison.

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    Onboard Programs

    A photo-journalist and campaigner again Depleted Uranium weapons gives a presentation on his experience working in Iraq

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    Building a Culture of Peace Around the World

    Japanese Hibakusha (victims of the atomic bombings) share their stories in Lima, Peru, as part of a global campaign to abolish nuclear weapons.

Remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki and Oppose Nuclear Proliferation

On the occasion of the 71st Anniversary of the Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, let us Remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki and Oppose Nuclear Proliferation Speaker: Emilie McGlone, Director of Peace Boat US Peace Boat US is a civil society, non-profit organization working to promote peace, sustainable development and respect for the environment through edcuational programs […]

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Peace Education and the UN Sustainable Development Goals in Latin America – Summer Program Report

On June 24, a group of youth from New York City joined Peace Boat US as part of a two week study program through Central America focusing on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and peacebuilding efforts in the region. The team of 24 included participants from Global Kids, an NYC-based organization that works […]

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Introducing Peace Boat US’s Summer 2016 Interns

This summer the Peace Boat US office welcomed six new interns to the office. Ranging from a variety of backgrounds, these young adults are ready to bring a very diverse helping hand to the daily ongoing of our New York City Office. Beth Richter is a recent graduate of Pace University, holding a degree in […]

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Save the Date: Peace Boat Visits NYC

Save the date! Peace Boat, mid-way through it’s 92nd voyage around the world, will visit New York City on October 20-21, organizing education programs, a Hibakusha delegation to the UN, and a large event onboard the ship on October 20. More details, including how to sign up for the event, coming soon!  

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Empowering Youth Through Partnerships: Peace Boat and the Dutch Youth Council Joint Side Event Report

In recognition that youth have a critical role to play in helping to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, Peace Boat and the Dutch Youth Council held a joint side event at the UN High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development titled, “Empowering Youth Through Partnerships.” The event was held on Wednesday, July 13, 2016 at […]

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