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Tasks & Notes

About tab

  • People: Staff, volunteers, BoD
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Programs tab


About Programs (As a peace-building NGO, PB is fantastic opportunity for students to see peace-building in action – link to examples; work with universities and other partners to create a learning opportunity. 3 formats x 2 ways (individual or group) + participating in other university program (MIIS, SIT, Hollins, etc)

Upcoming Voyages: 84th,  86th (this is where itineraries and suggested program themes are listed… but we don’t yet do any programs… until a peace studies program is established)

Past Programs (Global Kids, Tubingen, Seisen Uni, Korean Uni, individual students)

Voyages tab

  • Improve Come Onboard text
  • Add “Itineraries”

Misc Tasks

Update / improve Events Calendar

News as separate tab

Events Calendar as separate tab

Improve Gallery images

Update Background – anything possible, scroll, fixed, tiled etc

Add youtube / vimeo to the front page slider

Blog Posting Notes

News category and Blog category

Text and photos can be added as normal. Indicate the category and publish date (immediately or pre- / post-date) on the right side.

To add a photo banner across the top, must pre-format a photo to correct size (980 x 200-350 px) and designate as the “Featured Image”. This will place the photo across the top. Also, in the article list, the photo will be displayed as well.

Featured image size 980 x 200-350 px.

Front Page Slider

These are blog entries, but used to put content on the front page slider. The entries are only a photo and a caption. Text may be written into the photo or other design elements. The photo has to be designated as the “featured image”.

Photo (featured image) must be 980 x 400 px in order to keep the front page slider frame the same size (if images are different sizes, the height of the slider will shift to fit each new image; if width is less than 980, black bars will show on sides – this is ok, but does not look as good).

5 slides (blog posts) are used to introduce permanent content:

  • Onboard Programs
  • Port Programs
  • About (PBUS is…
  • Vision (building a culture of peace around the world)
  • International Students

Up to 4 more slides can be used to introduce temporary content (campaign, a specific IS program, news article, port program experience, youtube video, etc). Each of these slides has to link to the page it is advertising.

To make the Front Page slide link to the desired article / page, when

Featured Images

Any posts to put on the Featured Image Slider must have a “featured image” of 980 x 400 px. They should not have important content in the top 150 px, as it will be covered by the menu bar.

Pages without the required size featured image can still be placed on the Featured Image Slider by creating a dummy post that re-directs to the correct page that may or may not have a banner image at the top. In any case, all banner images should be 980 px wide, and account for the menu bar covering the top 1/3 of the image.

Banners for pages should be 980 x 400 px. The top 150 px should not have important content, as it will be covered by the menu bar.

Featured images for pages = 900 x 300 pixels

Featured images for posts = 650 x 250 (or less)

Max size for front page featured image = 980 x 550

Current slider images = 750 x 380