Peace Boat joins the 7th Our Ocean Conference in Palau

Peace Boat is proud to announce we will attend the Our Ocean Conference, hosted in Palau on April 13-14, 2022, four years after Peace Boat visited Koror and became the first passenger ship to sign the Palau Pledge, an initative to ensure tourists act in an ecologically and culturally responsible way on the island, for the sake of Palau’s children and future generations of Palauans. The seventh conference of its kind is unique, as the first time a Small Island Developing State hosts the conference. Palau has chosen the theme “Our Ocean, Our People, Our Prosperity,” drawing on the rich tradition as an ocean society, focusing on islander perspectives and approaches to ensuring the health of our ocean.

The Our Ocean Conference focuses on six areas of action:

  • Advancing marine protected areas for communities, ecosystems, and climate
  • Tackling marine pollution
  • Confronting the ocean-climate crisis or towards an ocean solution for climate change
  • Creating sustainable blue economies
  • Advancing sustainable small-scale fisheries and aquaculture
  • Achieving a safe, just, and secure ocean

Peace Boat’s Activities at the Conference

In addition to participating in the official conference proceedings, Peace Boat will host a side event and networking opportunities with conference delegates. We will present Ecoship at the SIDS Global Business Networking Forum panel on the Blue Economy on April 12.  Peace Boat’s  pre-event on April 12 with Oceanic Global and Earth Echo International entitled “Building a Wave of Community-Led Impact to Support Global Ocean Resilience & Sustainable Tourism” will include the Ecoship project and Peace Boat’s Ocean and Climate Youth Ambassador Programme. An “Eco Sprint workshop” in collaboration with Blue Planet Alliance and Planet Home after the main conference on April 15 will bring together stakeholders from government, policy makers, leaders in sustainability and cultural ambassadors to work towards 100% renewable energy for island nations by 2045.

The Our Ocean Conference in Palau this April will be a key moment for countries, civil society, and industry to commit to concrete and significant actions to protect the ocean. Peace Boat is excited to be able to share our own initatives for a healthy ocean and to connect with partners both from the Pacific and globally working on initiatives for the oceans’ sustainability and prosperity. We look forward to sharing our experience and outcomes of the Our Ocean Conference in Palau with our global community of friends and partners.

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