Projects and Campaigns

Stand Up Aga
Participants from many different countries join in the UN’s “Stand Up and Take Action” campaign against poverty onboard a voyage

Advocacy and action on critical, global issues, are an integral part of Peace Boat US’s mission. Together with Japan-based Peace Boat, we partner with a wide range of NGO’s, the UN, academic institutions, communities, and others. Our activities take place through long-term campaigns that aim to affect large-scale change, and short-term projects that address more immediate and localized issues.


Peace Boat US partners with a wide range of organizations on long-term campaigns addressing critical global issues including sustainable energy, disaster relief, and the abolition of war. Our office is located across the street from the UN, enabling close communication with many international and local agencies and NGO’s. Underlying Peace Boat US’s campaigns and programs is a commitment to socially and environmentally sustainable tourism, and always striving to improve our practices, experiences for participants, and the quality of our relationships with local partners and communities around the world. See our Campaigns


Peace Boat US undertakes frequent projects ranging from disaster relief to organizing Arts + Peacebuilding programs onboard the Peace Boat for young people around the world to collecting musical instruments for partner organizations in South Africa, El Salvador, and other countries. See our Projects (Current and Past)