Peace Boat US’s programs take place in partnership with Peace Boat, a Japan-based international NGO which charters a large passenger ship, The Pacific World, that sail on global and regional voyages. While most participants hail from Japan and participate in the full voyages (ranging from around 100 days for a global voyage, and 45-70 days for regional voyages), it is possible to join for a shorter segment in a particular part of the world that best meets your interests.

Upcoming Itineraries

112th Global Voyage – August 20 to December 6, 2022

Peace Boat’s Ship, The Pacific World

Since its first voyage in 1983, Peace Boat has chartered a number of passenger ships to organize our voyages, adapting the onboard spaces to provide a unique and dynamic environment for its participants. Although it may look like a normal cruise from the outside, a Peace Boat voyage is very different from the traditional model, eschewing the concept of vacation in favor of participation. From 2021, Peace Boat organizes global voyages with the Pacific World, built in 1995 and which has excellent facilities which enable the “floating peace village” experience unique to Peace Boat.
The previous ship, the Ocean Dream (pictured above), was built in Denmark in 1981.

Life Onboard

Inviting up to 50 guest educators from Japan and around the world per voyage, Peace Boat organizes many lectures, workshops, classes and cultural programs every day. Themes are as diverse as the issues encountered while traveling around the world – environment and sustainability, poverty, conflict, human rights, art, media, and many others.

Additionally, participants create and offer their own activities – arts, dialog, sports, dance, presentations, workshops, games, etc – which add dozens of activities to the schedule every day, and help create a rich community onboard. Utilizing the spaces onboard the ship and harnessing the talents of guest educators, participants and staff onboard, Peace Boat creates a special environment in which people can live, learn and undertake positive action together. Read more about life onboard

Registration Process

From creating a program to disembarkation, you will have close personal support at every step. All Peace Boat voyages and related travel services are conducted by registered travel agency Japan Grace Co., Ltd., in accordance with Japanese travel law.  The first step is to contact us. For an overview of the entire process, please read more.