Ports of Call


With Table Mountain and Lion’s Head as the backdrop, participants learn about peace-building programs engaging former leaders of South African prison gangs.

Ports of call are where learning meets experience and action. Peace Boat travels to between 15 and 20 ports on the average voyage of around 100 days. After over 30 years of exploring the world, Peace Boat has gained a hard-earned reputation for venturing away from the beaten path and exploring important issues that lie just underneath the surface in otherwise popular places like Tahiti (nuclear colonization) and Manila (WWII history).

Custom Programs

In Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina, participants going to visit a post-war women’s economic re-development project.

We can work together, accessing Peace Boat’s vast network of partners – communities, experts, universities, NGO’s, etc – to create a port program that focuses on your specific area of interest. Our experience ranges from developing programs on the environment, civil war, gender violence and empowerment, youth engagement, sustainable development, and other areas. Peace Boat has extensive experience with logistics and organization to ensure you or your group the best and safest experience possible, in places ranging from Mombassa and Cape Town, to Reykjavik and Nuuk.

Study and Experiential Programs

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Learning about Kenya’s struggle again ivory poaching, much of which is destined for East Asia

Knowledge and action are the cornerstone of our port programs, and Peace Boat US utilizes an amazing network of partner NGO’s, communities, activists, academics, journalists and others to create insightful experiences that would be almost impossible to access on one’s own. Other Peace Boat participants will join you, from a wide range of ages and backgrounds, and often program groups continue meeting to process the experience and share perspectives and insights.

Sightseeing and Tourism

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Looking into the Rano Kau crater on Rapa Nui (Easter Island)

For the more casual traveler, Japan Grace – the licensed travel services arm of Peace Boat – organizes a wide variety of port programs geared toward more traditional tourism, sightseeing, and cultural experiences like culinary exploration and performances, at a more comfortable pace than many of the study and experiential programs. You will be joined by other participants, who’s company will certainly be enjoyable.

Free Time


Peace Boat participants join Turkish citizens in Istanbul to promote peaceful solutions to conflict in the Middle East

Many participants choose free time in at least a few ports of call over the course of a voyage, exploring or planning their own excursions to meet their interests. While this is encouraged, it is extremely important to return to the ship well ahead of departure time, as it is very rare that any passenger ship, including the Peace Boat, is able to wait for late-arriving passengers, who must make their own way to the next port of call.