The Ocean Dream – New

The Ocean Dream – New

The Ocean Dream

Peace Boat’s vessels are community-building platforms. Since 1983, Peace Boat has chartered many different ships, developing rich experience and expertise in, what we call, the “peace” and the “boat” of Peace Boat.

“Peace” represents the community-building, learning, and peace-building experiences that take place onboard. “Boat” represents the practical side of operating a large passenger ship. Since 1983, Peace Boat has gained deep experience and expertise in both aspects, which together create one of the most unique travel, learning, and peace-building experiences in the world.

The Ocean Dream – A Brief Introduction:

Built in 1981 in Denmark
205 meters long
Weighs 35,265 tons
Staffed by over 250 professional officers and crew (from restaurant staff to engineers and medical team)
Maximum passenger capacity of 1422
Average number of passengers ranges from 800-1100
Equipped with stabilizers and latest safety systems based on SOLAS international safety standards

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